Veterans Day:  Why We Call Them Heroes

Monday, November 11, 2019




Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania knows about the sacrifice and service of its men and women in military service all too well.  WNEP-TV joins the region for a look at Why We Call Them Heroes.

Jon Meyer and Julie Sidoni host this 45-minute Special.  They are joined by:  WNEP’s Don Jacobs, Jackie Lewandoski, and Nikki Krize.

Travel the generations of veterans with us.  Meet some friends and neighbors.  And, get a new appreciation of the love of country so many men and women have made their life’s mission.

There are voices of the past; and help for the future.  Feel the pride of the US Service-person.

As they stand strong and true, protecting our freedom and liberty, join us this Veterans Day in saluting our Veterans.




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