Updated at 01.05 PM

TVS Motor Company Ltd. was observed to be priced at Rs. 490.4 which was a decrease of 8.1 points from the day’s opening price while a change of -7.5(-1.51%) points was also observed from the previous trade.

And according to our previous check, 565,386 stocks were being traded.

The bid price was Rs. 490.40 and the offer price was Rs. 490.45 making the bid-ask spread to be -0.05 points.

With respect to our last check the volume of the traded stocks fell by 100 stocks while the volume weighted average price went down 0.34 points.

Updated at 12.03 PM

After touching a high of Rs.502.00 and dropping as low as Rs.488.50 through the day, one stock of TVS Motor Company Ltd. was observed to be priced at Rs.492.1.

With the traded volume being 465,477 stocks, the volume weighted average price was observed to be Rs.493.08.

The bid-ask spread was observed to be -0.1 points when the bid price was Rs.492.10 for 15 stocks and the ask price was Rs.492.20 for 2 stocks.

Opening Bell !

Updated at 10.01 AM

The day started for TVS Motor Company Ltd. with an opening price of Rs. 498.50 after closing at Rs. 497.90 the previous day.

As compared to yesterday’s opening price, today’s opening price was observed to have increased 1.5 points.

And adding to this, yesterday saw a day high of Rs. 503.60 and a day low of Rs. 492.65 .

As seen on Mar 14, 10:08 A.M. one stock of TVS Motor Company Ltd. was observed to be priced at Rs. 492.5 with a change of -5.4(-1.08%) points from the previous trade.

The bid-ask spread was observed to be -0.15 points while the volume weighed average price(vwap) was Rs. 495.03 .

A price band of Rs. 448.15 – 547.65 was also provided by TVS Motor Company Ltd. to indicate the upper and lower cost range for the day.

Updated at 9.05 AM

After touching a maximum of Rs. 503.60 which was 6.6 points more than the opening price, TVS Motor Company Ltd. closed at Rs. 497.90 yesterday.

Also, the lowest price which was Rs. 492.65 went 4.35 points lower than the opening price.

1,078,365 was the last recorded volume of the day with the 5 day average volume being 1,161,631 , the 10 day average volume being 1,477,015 and the 30 day average volume being 1,325,486 stocks.

The 5 day average volume fell 148706 stocks, 10 day average volume fell 11068 stocks and 30 day average volume fell 29703 stocks when compared to the previous day’s values.