LG has announced that they will be introducing six new ATSC 3.0 TVs in 2020, which we first heard about in December. This confirms that ATSC 3.0 consumer receivers will be available in the US market this year and is an indication that broadcasters will adopt the Next Gen TV standards as well.

During a press conference before the official start of CES, LG shared details about the sets which will range in size from 55 to 88 inches. Each of the new models will have the CTA Next Gen TV logo, showing that they meet the new standards. With ATSC 3.0, broadcasters will be able to deliver content in 4K UHD with improved sound, along with more interactive experiences and other benefits, as reported by TV Technology.

LG also announced that they will be expanding their lineup of 8K TVs. The improved performance and displays of the new models will be ideal for both gamers and movie watchers. With support for the UHD Alliance’s Filmmaker Mode, the TVs will offer a viewing experience that feels more like the cinematic experience filmmakers intended.

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