Samsung Tvs digital and smart- kenya

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You have spent months, one after the other trying to look for the perfect TV. Let’s assume that you are balling now in February and nothing can seem to stop you. But you just cannot get to decide on the ultimate product to go for. But you’ve always wanted to choose between the likes of LG, Sony and Samsung, the giant manufacturers. But with the quality comes a huge sacrifice and you just don’t want to part with that much money.

Well, you will be surprised to know that not all TVs from the likes of Samsung are all expensive. Of course, many of their products come in prices that will ave your head spinning for a couple of seconds if not minutes. With the right level of research though, you can be surprised at the huge variety of TVs that Samsung has installed.

So, we combined a list of some of the best Samsung TVs that you can readily find in various electronic stores in Nairobi and beyond. For spoilers though, some of the prices may vary slightly according to the store that you got to search for. The list will obviously be updated as products are updated in major stores.

Digital TVs

32″ N5300AKxKE- Kes.22,500

40″ N5000AKXKE- Kes.32,000

32″ M5000DK- Kes.20,000

40″ M5000- Kes.45,000

48″ J5000AK- Kes.83,000

49″ M5000- Kes.41,400

43″ N5002AK- Kes.43,000

Smart Samsung TVs

43″ RU7100- Kes.47,000

49″ RU7300- Kes.64,000

49″ N5300- Kes.50,000

43″ NU7100- Kes.45,000

43″ J52502- Kes.37,000

40″ N5300- Kes.33,000

40″ M5300- Kes.37,000

49″ RU7100- Kes.60,000

49″ RU300 4K Curved- Kes.62,000

49″ MU7350- Kes.64,000

40″ M5300- Kes.37,000

40″ N5300- Kes.34,000

50″ NU7400- Kes.78,000

55″ NU7090 4K- Kes.74,000

55″ RU7300 curved- Kes.85,000

55″ RU7100 curved- Kes.70,000

55″ RU7300- Kes.77.500

55″ MU8000- Kes.98,500

65″ RU7100- Kes.124,000

55″ QAQ60RAKXKE- Kes.124,000


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