Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are some of the best TV chefs around, but which of them is the better of the two?

It might seem like a humble profession, but the world of TV cooking is fiercely competitive. You could go on for days listing the most famous of TV chefs, but there are always two at the forefront. On the one hand, we have the aggressive style of Gordon Ramsay, and on the other, we have the more laid-back style of Jamie Oliver.

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We’ve put the two British chefs against each other in a battle to find out who is the best by comparing their strongest points.

10 GORDON RAMSAY: He’s Funnier

This is probably the easiest part of the comparison between Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. Obviously, Gordon has the bones of a comedian. It might all basically be set up for the audiences to laugh at, but when have you ever seen Jamie Oliver forcing a participant on one of his shows to call themselves an Idiot Sandwich?

9 JAMIE OLIVER: He’s Nicer

On the other side of the spectrum, we still have the fact that Jamie Oliver would never force one of his participants to call themselves an Idiot Sandwich. This is probably related to the fact that he is just a bit nicer.

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Ramsay has pretty much built his career around the controversy of being pretty mean because he does it in such a funny way. However, Oliver is pretty soft-spoken and polite, making him a friendlier face.

8 GORDON RAMSAY: His Food Looks Nicer

If there is one sure-fire way annoy Jamie Oliver, it is to say this, but it’s just true. Most of Gordon’s shows are centered on what his contestants are making, and Jamie’s are mostly built on what he is making. Despite that, Gordon just always seems to present a plate of food that looks just that little bit more delicious.

7 JAMIE OLIVER: His Food Is Healthier

The reason why much of Gordon’s food probably looks better, however, is because he isn’t afraid to give that saltshaker an extra couple of seconds, or chuck in an extra knob of butter.

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Jamie Oliver’s whole thing is that his food is healthy and can be enjoyed by a whole family on a regular basis. It might not look like it tastes as nice necessarily, but it’s certainly something you can rustle up with less guilt.

6 GORDON RAMSAY: He Has Better Shows

Having the likes of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen under his belt means that Gordon Ramsay wins by a mile over the likes of The Naked Chef. They both might be interesting, but there is just nothing better than a cooking competition. The one way to make a cooking competition even better is to add a bit of drama, and Hell’s Kitchen does that with ease.

5 JAMIE OLIVER: He Didn’t Ruin His Own Shows

Having said that, Gordon Ramsay was happy to end up selling out and ruining his own shows. The UK versions of the likes of Hell’s Kitchen was a great, slightly dramatic cooking competition. When creating the US version, however, he allowed his shows to become totally scripted, completely over-dramatic, and full of some of the most ridiculous editing decisions in TV history. It took all of the legitimacy away and basically turned it into a Hollywood film set in a kitchen.

4 GORDON RAMSAY: He Has Moved Into Other (Good) TV Work

Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares.

Both chefs have dipped their toes into shows that aren’t always about food. For example, both have appeared on Tog Gear.

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However, Gordon Ramsay has recently teamed up with Gino D’Acampo and Fred Siriex for a great show that isn’t just about the food. This proves that Ramsay has the personality that can keep him relevant beyond food.

3 JAMIE OLIVER: He Has More Affordable Restaurants

The Jamie Oliver group has a few more luxurious dining experiences under its belt, but in general, it is a pretty affordable and commercial venture. Jamie’s Italian may well have gone out of business, but in its heyday, it was rather affordable and meant that people of all tax-brackets could enjoy food approved by Jamie himself. Gordon exists on the other end of the spectrum, with fewer, but much more exclusive, establishments.

2 GORDON RAMSAY: He Has Better Restaurants

They might be on the very high end of high end, but Ramsay simply has better food. His restaurants are scattered around the UK (mostly London) and the U.S., and are regarded for their high quality, very expensive food. His most impressive is London’s Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. It’s an impressive culinary experience centered on French cooking. And it has three Michelin stars.

1 JAMIE OLIVER: He’s Nicer About Other People’s Food

One of the biggest differences between the two is the way in which they comment on the cooking of others. You can imagine Jamie Oliver going to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and complimenting the chef. You can imagine Gordon Ramsay going to a Jamie Oliver restaurant and saying his dog’s sneezes would taste better.

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