The innovative deckbuilding game Aeon’s End now has a digital adaptation. Earlier this week, Handelabra Games released the digital adaptation of Aeon’s End on Steam, with plans to release a version for Android and Apple tablets later this month. Aeon’s End is a cooperative deckbuilding game in which players take on the role of mages trying to stop a rampaging nemesis monster from attacking the city of Gravehold. Players prepare and cast spells while also using crystals to generate aether to spend on either more spells, fueling abilities, or opening breaches that give players more room to prepare and cast spells. Each mage also has a special ability that provides different strategies for taking on the monsters threatening their home.

Unlike other deckbuilding games, players don’t reshuffle their decks when it resets – as such, the order in which cards are discarded also plays into the game’s strategy. Players also have to manage their player’s individual health as well as the collective health of Gravehold and have to take into account the uncertainty of the play order – which is determined at random. On one turn, players might go twice in a round, or they might have to deal with a full onslaught of the nemesis before going on a turn.

The digital adaptation of Aeon’s End is a faithful adaptation of the game, and really helps quickens the pace of turns. Since damage and other mechanics are automated, rounds move a lot quicker. And while the digital version only contains the base cards, Handelabra has confirmed there are plans to add expansions in the future.

You can purchase Aeon’s End on Steam for $17.99.

Aeon’s End was designed by Kevin Riley and was originally published in 2016 by Action Phase Games. The series has generated


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