There are countless accessories out there centered around efficiency, creating a certain look, or giving people options. Some of them are amusing, like RGB mousepads or a microphone arm and others come down to space. Among the many brands out there is BlitzWolf, which specializes in creating economical versions of handy tools. One of their most popular items is the BW-TS2 tablet stand for a tablet or phone. While the idea is a bit different, is it a must or does it fall short?

One of the easiest ways to tell a product made for online and one set for retail is how everything is presented. In the case of BW-TS2, you get a white and green box that is almost completely devoid of information. On the front, you simply have a white background with some green bars and the model number in black, with the back giving some very basic specs like height and weight. On the inside are the tablet stand, a simple booklet, and a couple of pieces.

Assembly didn’t take long or much effort. Just place the stand on the base and connect the two with a screw. It might take two minutes to do, though nothing really complicated. Once built, BW-TS2 feels sturdy. The base has some weight to it, complete with rubber pads to stop it from moving. The actual pole is either metal or coated with aluminum, with most of the accents being painted or styled to give it a more premium look. Finally, the holder feels like silicon, making it feel safe and yielding for your precious devices.

Using is refreshingly simple. Just pull the cords to open the holder and grab the holder to tilt it either up or down or twisted to change the orientation. Unfortunately, the height of the pole can’t be adjusted, nor does it give a lot of yields, but it does manage the intended purpose. One nice thing is how versatile this tablet stand actually is.

Whether it’s my iPhone XS, Nintendo Switch, Surface Pro 7, or iPad Air in a case, BW-TS2 held it securely in place. This is important, as I can use my Surface as a second monitor or add critical information to my iPad without missing a beat. I also found if I didn’t want to connect it to my TV, I can kick back and use it to enjoy a game on my tablet or Switch, along with other uses.

All this being said, there are some shortcomings. As someone rather particular about how things look and operate, it’s hard to make BW-TS2 line up perfectly. It always looks somewhat askew, even in the holder it doesn’t look perfectly aligned and it’s something that stands out. Larger devices are also harder to get both in and out. I might not have an issue with sticking my phone in and pulling out one end, a tablet generally needs a bit more force to fit snuggly in place. Still, in terms of its intended use, it does a good job.

BlitzWolf Tablet Stand (BW-TS2) Review – Verdict

BW-TS 2 is not going to appeal to everyone but it does its intended task well. Even as someone who never really considered such a product immediately saw the value, whether it was just using my tablet for Discord or using it for other key information. In terms of performance, outside of adjustable height, it turns in any direction you could really want without feeling like it’s going to break. It would be nice if there were easier ways to get a tablet in or lining it up but in terms of its intended purpose, it does a good job.

[Editor’s Note: BlitzWolf Tablet Stand (BW-TS2) was provided to us for review purposes.]


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