There was a time when smartwatches were considered to be the next big thing in this dynamic world of tech. But unfortunately, they didn’t go down well on the consumer’s expectations of a watch. The battery life is an aspect that was never given a thought while buying conventional watches because they could last for years on end. But in the case of smartwatches, that was exactly the opposite. Smartwatches rarely last more than a couple of days in most cases. But what if I tell you there’s a smartwatch out there that you’ll never need to charge?! Yes, that’s true. We’re talking about the PowerWatch 2 that was announced at CES this year.

The PowerWatch 2 (PW 2), as the name suggests, is the next iteration of the original PowerWatch that turned over a new leaf in the smartwatch industry. The biggest improvement in the new iteration is the addition of a full-colour LCD display that is powered by thermoelectric sensors and an all-new solar-cell technology. The improved thermoelectric sensors generate electricity directly from body heat and power the watch.

PowerWatch 2 Closeup

The PW 2 also has always-on GPS & a Heart Rate sensor onboard that make it the perfect companion for all kinds of outdoor activities. It’s also able to provide useful health and fitness metrics like pace, distance, steps, sleep, cadence, and the industry’s most accurate calorie count. The PowerWatch is compatible with iOS & Android devices and can perfectly integrate with 3rd-party fitness platforms like Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.

The PowerWatch 2 features a rugged aluminium build that’s both functional and sturdy. It is water-resistant up to 200 meters and supports gesture recognition and haptic/audio feedback.

PowerWatch 2 Luxe Edition

PowerWatch 2 Luxe Edition

To celebrate the $ 1.6M that they raised on Indiegogo, Matrix has also announced a new Luxe addition that manages to look even better than the regular one. PowerWatch 2 LUXE Edition features a quick-release, 22mm shark mesh stainless steel strap, sapphire glass, and comes in either Black or Gold finishes. Matrix also promises some rich & premium packaging for anyone who buys the Luxe edition.

EOTO’s Verdict

While smartwatches are really useful, it’s their unreliable battery life that has led them to be ignored by the masses. But with the PowerWatch 2, Matrix seems to have come the closest to delivering a perfect smartwatch experience (in terms of battery life at least). What remains to be seen is if the PowerWatch 2 can actually deliver in real-life situations. While it’s foolish to expect the PowerWatch 2 to have a wholesome appeal like the Apple Watch does, it can fare pretty well amongst the people who are looking for a reliable companion to track their activities without asking for a lot.