Just months after launching the original Huawei Watch GT, the Huawei looks set to freshen things up with two new editions of the smartwatch.

That’s according to a leak from WinFuture, indicating that Huawei is preparing both an Active and Elegant variation of the watch. And while we expect both will offer features to match their moniker if they eventually launch, it’s not yet immediately clear how big the differences are between this pairing and the original.

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However, as the report points out, the Huawei Watch GT Active (pictured below) does hint at some slight design tweaks, including a lighter tone on the bezel. The image also show off colored bands that we previously didn’t see with the first Watch GT.

Huawei Watch GT prime for two new models, as Active and Elegant editions leak

What we do know is that the same 1.39-inch OLED display will feature on the Active and Elegant. And despite the latter yet to be pictured, this is expected to come in both white and black colors.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Elegant will also reportedly come in at a slightly lower price than the €249 Active model (roughly $280), costing €229 $260. Compared to the original, though, which was $199, there isn’t really a lot of price variance across the potential trio.

If the watches do launch, it’ll give us two more running the company’s proprietary Lite OS, as opposed to Google’s Wear OS. Huawei has previously stated it’s not abandoning Google’s operating system, though these models appear to suggest, at least for this generation, it’ll be sticking with its own solution.

From what we know so far, though, the real incentive for choosing the Active and Elegant models over the standard Watch GT isn’t clear. If the leak turns out to be accurate, we expect to hear plenty more – including a release date – over the coming weeks and months.

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Huawei Watch GT prime for two new editions, as Active and Elegant