With similar features and a similar appearance overall, the Oppo Watch offers Android (and iOS) smartphone owners an alternative to the Apple Watch.

The new Oppo Watch is the company’s answer to the Apple Watch 5. With similar features and even a similar appearance, the latest smartwatch from Oppo offers Android (and iOS) smartphone owners an alternative to Apple’s popular wearable that’s fully loaded with messaging, quick reply, mobile payments and online music. Perhaps the handiest feature on the Oppo Watch is the ability to take phone calls without a smartphone.

Apple has been dominant in the personal electronic watch market for a few years now and the original Apple Watch was an innovative breakthrough. Borrowing from the company’s easy-to-use Mac and iPad operating systems, buyers of the Apple Watch were impressed with its high-tech abilities, such as taking calls on the smartwatch when a connected iPhone was close by. The Apple Watch also has the option of changing watch bands, making it a fashion accessory for some buyers. The Apple Watch 5 is the latest offering from Apple and provides an upgraded experience, compared to the previous versions.

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The new Oppo Watch is no less competitive with its numerous features and watch band accessories. However, what makes the Oppo Watch such an intriguing purchase, is that it is less expensive than the Apple Watch 5. Further adding to its appeal is that it also comes loaded with plenty of features and supports, making it a serious option for those looking for a smartwatch to pair with their Android (or iOS) device.

Comparing The Oppo Watch To The Apple Watch 5

Oppo Watch

First off, the Oppo Watch looks almost identical to the Apple Watch 5. Housed in a handsome beveled casing with different color options, the watch might fool people at first into thinking it’s actually an Apple Watch. The interface and graphics are nearly identical as well, but that shouldn’t be a deterrent in considering this smartwatch. Certain models of cars take cues from the competition, and in this case, the similarities is likely to mean buyers of the Oppo Watch will find it familiar to wear and use.

The most desirable feature of the Oppo Watch is the ability to take calls without a smartphone close by. Utilizing an eSIM card within the Watch, users can make and take phone calls with ease, although a separate phone number may be required. As the Oppo Watch runs on Android, it can be loaded with apps from the Google Play Store, as well as many of Google’s own apps, such as Google Pay, Google Assistant, and Google Fit. The duel curved 1.91-inch AMOLED display shows the watch’s bright and colorful graphics and common to smartwatches, the faces can be manually changed by the user. Furthermore, the watch can also be fashionably updated with different bands, and it is rated to run for up to 36 hours on a single charge. The Oppo Watch is tentatively slated for release in the United Kingdom by October 2020, and it currently remains unclear if it will be available to buy in the United States.

The Apple Watch 5 is the latest version of the popular device. It is available in most markets around the world and has set the standard for personal multi-function watches. Operating on Apple’s watchOS, the Apple Watch 5 continues with the company’s easy-to-use interface and colorful graphics. Buyers can choose, as they always have been able to, different beveled watch cases and bands from the Apple Watch Studio. The cases can be in aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel and even titanium. Software features include Apple Pay, the App Store, access to Apple Music, Siri, an ECG app to monitor heart rate, and the Noise app to warn users of volume levels that could affect their hearing. When it comes to choosing between the Oppo Watch and the Apple Watch 5, it is a matter of buyer preference and the smartphone operating system they use.

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