With wearables becoming increasingly common these days, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing wearables created for kids. After all, kids already play with smartphones and tablets, so why not wearables too, right? If you’re looking to equip your kid with a smartwatch, Coolpad has announced the Dyno 2.

Coolpad is no stranger to the kids wearables game as the company had previously launched the Dyno, so the Dyno 2 is essentially its successor. For the most part, the Dyno 2 will retain some of the core features of the Dyno, such as location tracking, creating safe zones, as well as voice and text messaging.

The Dyno 2 is also expected to introduce a new application platform, an upgraded chipset, and will also come with better battery life. It will be coming in April for $190, so if this sounds like a smartwatch you wouldn’t mind your kids having, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for its release in the coming months.


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