This is Part II of TWICE’s annual Retail Executive Roundtable, held during CES 2019. Part I can be found here. 

TWICE: Appliances are helping marry the smart home. Are consumers ready for the smart home? Is there money in this for retail yet?

Trevor May, executive director, vendor management, D&H Distributing: The answer is most certainly it has been a great growth category, and it will continue to grow. Without data of that in front of me, home security is by in large making up what smart home looks like. Then you roll in different networking and router configurations people use in their homes for a strong signal, and then the video surveillance and so forth.

But the category will continue to grow and innovation will continue with great devices and products that will attract the consumer. It’s weighted in the security aspect of what connected home is today with other stuff on the periphery of that. We’re trying to figure out how to bring a whole one-solution ecosystem together. Right now it’s device by device, resulting in a mix of various hardware and applications to manage.

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Doug Wrede, Nationwide Marketing Group: We’re certainly seeing security and networking as the opportunities. Connected home is broken into two categories: custom and do-it-yourself. Custom is whole-home solutions with entertainment, security and networking, which is profitable and doing well. Double-digit growth is in the do-it-yourself network and security market, but this is also intimidating to most consumers. It has a low price point and with margins, you’ll take awhile to get where you want to be.