If you can put a price on better health and peace of mind, it might be the introductory price of the new HealthProtect 7770i Smart Home Air Purifier from Blueair — protecting the health of your family (and yourself) is money well spent. And you can trust me on this: I’ve tested about a dozen different air purifiers in the past few years, and this one is among only a few that truly impressed me.

The first impressive thing about this air purifier is that despite its size, which is ample at just over three feet tall and with a footprint that’s 18 by 17 inches, it’s whisper quiet at its lowest speed and hardly a disturbance at the fastest. (If you question my putting quiet operation as the first notable trait, then you have not been around a lot of air purifiers, FYI.)

Second, and of more important, of course, is the fact that the 7770i can clean the air in a space as large as 674 square feet in about 12 minutes, meaning about five times an hour you will be enjoying cleaner air. And you will know all about it, too: whether you track the gasses and VOCs (volatile organic compounds, which are not good) via the app or on the unit’s large screen (or just by glancing at the color-coded gas and VOC indicator lights, in which red is bad and blue is good, with other colors in between), the air purifier tells you exactly how clean the air is, and it gives you a real time ETA to when your air will be nice and fresh again thanks to its hard work.

And work hard it does, especially in our house. See, we keep our 7770i tucked behind the archway separating the kitchen from the den. The kitchen is, of course, where the cooking happens, thus a good deal of gas and smoke and steam and particles of this spray or that oil and such getting into the air. The den has a wood burning fireplace that’s pretty heavily used in the winter. In short, this air purifier is jammed right between the two rooms in the house that often have the worst air quality.

And it lets us know. The gas and particle lights often shine red, glaring at us like some angry, air purifying R2D2. One can even imagine the 770i grumbling: “How can you do this to me again? Well, OK. Guess I’ll clean all the air in here in less than 12 minutes. Again.”

Then it does just that. Usually within 10 or so minutes, the colors have cycled back through orange, yellow, and green, returning to that pleasant blue that tells us we’re breathing clean air. And to be clear, it’s not because the smoke or pan frying or whatnot is gone; the residual air pollution from those and other causes would have hung around for much longer. Rather, it’s because the air purifier has done its thing.

So sure, not a cheap piece of hardware. But as it’s third-party proven to trap and kill 99% of germs (though it is not specifically tested for COVID-19, it has been tested against other viruses) and to remove 99.7% of particles like dust, dander, smoke, pollen, and more, it’s money well spent.

Blueair HealthProtect 7770i Smart Home Air Purifier

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