Looks like Ezlo, the company behind Vera Z-Wave hubs and products, is working on a new smart water shut-off valve to add to their lineup with. There isn’t much known about this product just yet, but it would mean a valve that is made directly for the Ezlo/Vera ecosystem (vs the third-party solutions that exist right now).

What is a smart water shut-off valve? Glad you asked! It is just like a normal shut-off valve, only smart. I know, that was the lazy answer. Really though, it allows you to monitor your main water shut-off valve with your smart home environment. God forbid, if there was flooding somewhere in the house, all you’d need is water sensors in the potential flood/leak area to detect this so that your network can automatically shut off the water coming into your home (saving you a LOT of money from damages that would have been much worse). You can also control the valve remotely. So there are a lot of benefits from having something like this in your home.

Although you can find valves out there through other companies, these other options were designed to work with many Z-wave environments, which doesn’t always mean that they will work flawlessly with any one solution (although, I’m pretty sure they do for the most part, thankfully).

The only catch with this one is that they are planning to also make it a product with a built-in hub. This may work for some but not all (they really seem to like integrating their hubs into everything). Garages typically have thicker walls and construction, which can sometimes make it hard for wireless signals to pass to and from. So it might not be the best idea to store your hub in your garage like that (and most shut off valves are located in the garage).

So as a product by itself, the idea of having another valve on the market is a great idea and it might even bring the cost down a little to help drive competition and affordability to the masses. The built-in hub is a little bit odd, but who knows, maybe I am not part of the popular vote as much as I like to think on this one. Either way, I’m sure you can turn off the hub portion and just add it to the rest of your system if you already have a hub you are making use of.

No price or release information is available just yet since they have only recently announced this within their own user forums. It is currently a product in development, so it might be some time. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our hands on one for a test when it gets closer to release. For now, you can watch them test it in the below video.


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