Do you feel like your home security needs a major upgrade? The hardest part may be deciding which company to go with, considering so many different brands offer home security systems these days. You’ll have to look at costs, compatibility, range of devices, ongoing support, installation options, and more. You may feel tired just thinking about it. That’s why we’ve compiled five of the best home security companies to take a look at in 2020.

Are you worried about getting stuck in monitoring contracts that you don’t want, or paying for alarm services that you don’t really use or need? It’s a common complaint in the security industry, but things are improving, thanks to companies like Cove. Cove specializes in no-contract plans and low-cost monitoring options, ideal for people who want monitoring but want it to be as inexpensive and painless as possible. Like ADT, they focus on their own in-house devices – with excellent guides on how to use them. Get Cove here.

Do you feel like you’re ready for a DIY solution? If you don’t want to piece together a system from various Nest and Argo devices yourself, Scout makes DIY easier with a more traditional hub-based system that also offers compatibility with things like Hue, Alexa, Lifx, and more. It’s one of the best no-monitoring options available for those who don’t want a deep dive into home automation research. Get Scout here.

Vivint is another flexible option that’s a bit like SimpliSafe, but offers more compatibility with other brands like Echo, Nest, and more – and their security sensors are excellent, too. The company is more reliant on monitoring services and professional installations than SimpliSafe, but the broader range of smart devices from different brands is nice to have. It’s a good option for those who don’t want to do very much work themselves but also want a large selection of options. Month-to-month payment plans are available. Get Vivint here.

SimpliSafe is an excellent option between the full security of ADT and DIY systems, especially with its latest no-monitoring option that’s perfect for those who want to save money. They have a variety of packages based on various home sizes, but you can also build your own home security based on the devices you want.

There aren’t any other smart home devices available form SimpliSafe, but it’s a strong security-focused offering with motion sensors, cams, key fobs, video doorbells, smoke detection, and more.

SimpliSafe has an attractive quote option that’ll email you a customized price after you answer a few questions on their site, or you can put one together yourself. The downside is that if you do choose to monitor with SimpliSafe, it can get expensive depending on how many devices you’d like to add to your arsenal. Get Simplisafe here.

When you think of ADT, you probably think of the most established home security company out there – and that’s true, ADT has been in the business for a very, very long time. However, the smart home market’s reach is undeniable, and ADT has been spending the last decade updating its services to become a modern system with plenty of flexibility.

Using their ample resources, ADT offers a full array of smart home devices, including smart lights, locks, security cams, thermostats – and sensors.

They also have the best monitoring services in the business and have thankfully divided their monitoring into three different packages with upgrade options. That gives homeowners more opportunities to save on their monthly fees (individual quotes are required to find out just how much it may cost).

Keep in mind that most of ADT’s smart devices are, well, made by ADT. If you are thinking of switching to another platform sometime in the future, compatibility isn’t guaranteed. Get ADT here.


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