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Stay busy at home by practicing a new skill, like making pasta.

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The novel coronavirus is affecting everyone in different ways. For the many, ongoing social distancing guidelines mean a new way of life, lived indoors and at home.

Staying at home is the best way to “flatten the curve,” slow the spread of the virus, and protect yourself, healthcare workers, and the immunocompromised. While acknowledging the privilege of being able to work, study, and live our lives from home, we also know that you might be more restless, stressed, or bored now that you’re spending all your time inside. 

We came up with 19 ways you can keep busy as you’re quarantined or self-isolating at home. They’ll help you pass time through a variety of ways, including creative pursuits, entertaining activities, and productive, personal development. 

Insider Reviews’ ultimate guide to keeping busy:


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