WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Walton County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook on Tuesday morning to warn their residents of a phone scam.

The post says the persons behind the alleged scam are targeting individuals who have previously been in trouble with the law.

Deputies say the phony number people are getting calls from is (850) 427-1748.

One victim was reportedly scammed out of more than $2,500 after buying pre-paid credit cards from Walmart.

Deputies wrote this act ‘hurts’ their office in a number of ways.

They say this is endangering an already fragile relationship with members of the public who have previously committed a crime and have fulfilled a consequence for that crime.

It threatens the trust they have in us, as law enforcement professionals, even further based on previous experience, deputies wrote.

The Facebook post continued to say this is a demographic that effects everyone. We all have folks in our lives that have gotten into trouble and we cannot allow someone to be victimized just because of their past.

Walton County deputies want to emphasize that no law enforcement agency will take money in lieu of an arrest.



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