Lenovo is adding two new notebooks to its Thinkpad line: the Thinkpad P1 and P72. The former is smaller than Lenovo’s earlier workstation laptops, measuring in at 0.72 inches and 3.76 pounds. It has an HD 4K 15.6-inch display, an Nvidia Quadro P series graphics card, and 8th Gen Intel Core or Xeon processors that can reach up to 4.6GHz speeds. Couple that with 64GB of memory and 4TB of storage, and it seems like a solid video conferencing and document-storing device. It starts at $1,949.

Meanwhile, the P72 presents itself as more of a desktop alternative for traveling on the go. It has storage options up to 6TB with 128GB of RAM. Its 17.3-inch display shows visuals powered by Nvidia’s Quadro P5200 graphics card. Like the P1, it also supports Intel Xeon or up to Core i9 processors. The P72 costs $1,799, likely because its display isn’t in 4K. It’s also a bit heavier for a thin laptop, weighing 7.5 pounds. Maybe you can also use it for lifting weights on the go for light workouts without a gym.

Both laptops come out at the end of this month.

The Thinkpad P72.
Image: Lenovo


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