Huawei is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. They also sell various consumer electronics like tablets, smartwatches, wireless earphones, and routers. The Chinese company seems to offer all kinds of tech products, and that includes laptops too.

Along with its subsidiary brand Honor, Huawei sells excellent laptops that carry a premium design language. Find their latest laptops listed below.

Huawei’s dual-brand strategy allows them to sell more competitive products under the Honor name. The company does this to target lower price segments in the smartphone market. Honor’s MagicBook lineup also uses the same strategy.

With leaks not yet confirmed, it looks like Huawei will test Honor in a new laptop segment – gaming. Honor will use its ‘Hunter’ name branding for gaming products following competition like Asus ROG or Lenovo Legion. Honor already has a gaming router with the Hunter logo, and the leaked sketches also carry the same logo.

As seen in the sketch, the laptop carries the same Hunter logo found in the router. The logo solidifies the fact that the laptop will have the Hunter name. 

The sketch shows that a lot of design cues will come from supercars. The laptop’s air vent takes inspiration from a supercar exhaust. The screen lid and hinge could look and act like a bonnet or hood of a supercar engine. 

Additionally, the sketch mentions sapphire cutting and sapphire shining. These new terms seem to determine the looks and finish of the laptop chassis.

The China Certification (3C) website has also listed the gaming laptop. As seen in the image below, there appear to be four models in the list. Accordingly, the Honor Hunter will have the model numbers – FRD-WDG9, FRD-WFG9, FRD-WDD9, FRD-WFD9

We do not know the differences between the models, but we do know they have a 200w power supply. The mentioned power supply would mean that the Honor Hunter is quite powerful to be needing 200w to juice it up. 

There is not much concrete information about the specifications of the upcoming Honor gaming laptop. As per the recent specifications on their laptops, the Honor Hunter may also come with an AMD CPU. The use of AMD’s Ryzen chips will reduce prices while providing performance comparable to 10th gen Intel Core processors. Without more information, it would be hard to determine the GPU of the Honor Hunter. It could come with AMD Radeon or Nvidia Geforce

The leaks do serve as a reminder that a Huawei or Honor branded gaming laptop is in the making. Honor brand head, Zhao Ming, has already made it known that the gaming laptop segment is in their interest. Some reports suggest that, after Honor, Huawei itself would enter the gaming laptop market.

After years of planning, Huawei finally looks to enter the gaming laptop segment. The Chinese manufacturer has shown its hardware capabilities with the excellent MateBook series and Honor’s MagicBook series. 

Leaks aside, the Honor Hunter gaming laptop is an exciting proposition for Huawei. With its global smartphone sales hindered by the US trade ban, laptops look like the next best bet.


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