By 2030, 50% of all laptops would be assembled in Southeast Asia, while Taiwan would still mostly focus on research and development, a report said

  • By Angelica Oung / Staff reporter

Global laptop and desktop computer supply chains are expected to shift significantly away from China in the next 10 years, a Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC, 產業情報研究所) report said.

By 2030, only 40 percent of global laptop production would remain in China, said the report, which was released on Thursday.

“The reshuffling of the global supply chain will be one of the most important trends in the next 10 years,” the institute said in the report. “In the long run, key component makers will follow laptop assemblers in moving out of China.”

The Taipei-based institute predicted most key component makers would move to Southeast Asia.

By 2030, 50 percent of the world’s laptops would be assembled in Southeast Asia, the report said.

Taiwan would continue to do mostly research and development, with an estimated 5 percent of the world’s laptops being assembled in the nation by 2030, it added.

In terms of desktops, only 20 percent of the current Chinese capacity would remain by 2030, the report said, adding that Southeast Asia would be the global center for assembly, with industrial clusters being in India, Thailand and Vietnam.

The institute said that up to 30 percent of the world’s desktops would be assembled in the US, while 20 percent would be assembled in the Czech Republic and Poland.

However, 40 percent of desktop PC components would still be made in China, it said.

More than 170 million laptops would be shipped worldwide this year, a 6 percent annual increase, due to COVID-19-related demand, the report said.

Global laptop orders are expected to fall by 4.3 percent next year, the report said.

The Institute predicted a small decrease in laptop shipments from Taiwan next year.

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