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We *dare* you to find a better Cyber Monday headphone deal than Amazon's sale on these Sennheisers.
We *dare* you to find a better Cyber Monday headphone deal than Amazon’s sale on these Sennheisers.

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TL;DR: At $79.95, or 60% off, Sennheiser’s wireless noise-canceling headphones are absurdly cheap for Cyber Monday.

Noise cancelation technology is basically the It Girl of the audio world right now. (See: the all-new AirPods Pro). But giving a pair of headphones or earbuds the ability to block ambient sounds means adding more stuff to them — usually microphones and special circuitry — which means they cost much more than your standard pair of headphones. (For reference, most of the models on Mashable’s roundup of the best noise-canceling headphones go for at least $250.)

Anyway, that’s just one of the reasons why we were shocked to see Amazon slap an $80 price tag on Sennheiser’s HD 4.50SE wireless noise-canceling headphones, an all-black version of its HD 4.50 series headset: they’re noise-canceling headphones, so they’re supposed to be expensive. What’s more, they’re made by Sennheiser of all companies — a brand that’s (in)famous for selling high-end products at a premium. There’s no way these headphones could be this cheap, right? That sale pricing has got to be a misprint, right?

Wrong. It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

As part of a special Cyber Monday deal on Amazon, you can order those HD 4.50SEs for just $79.95 — 60% off their suggested retail price of $199.95. That’s an incredible value considering you’re getting a really nice pair of headphones with a comfortable fit, well-balanced sound, and a long battery life of up to 19 hours on top of noise cancelation.

Grab this deal while you still can, because we doubt it’ll last long:


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