Why you’ll love them: What’s not to love about Noot headphones that work fine yet cost about 10 bucks?

FYI, kids aren’t the most graceful creatures on Earth. They drop things, they spill things, they step on things, and so on. They’re also not the best at remembering where they left their stuff. So don’t be surprised if at some point your kid’s headphones end up crushed, soaked, cracked, or lost. If said headphones were the Noot Products K11 Kids Headphones, then it’s really no big deal, because they cost less than two fancy cups of coffee.

Now, you can’t expect $11 headphones to be the best on the planet, and these aren’t. But their 40mm stereo drivers deliver decent audio quality, while the cushioned ear cups do a good job of creating passive noise reduction. The long braided nylon cord resists tangles and is strong enough not to break even after a number of drops or snags.

With nearly 1,300 reviews on Amazon, the Noot Products K11 Kids Headphones have a respectable 4.2-star average rating.

One buyer is direct and candid with his sentiments, saying: “Let me be clear – the sound quality is not even close to what any audiophile would want to use, or even a regular person, but for small kids who watch cartoons and listen to a bit of music, these are perfectly satisfactory.”

Another reported that an entire classroom full of kids “think they are so comfortable.”

A number of shoppers did lament the lack of a noise control option, calling them too loud, so make sure you monitor the volume for your child.

Pros: Very low price tag, rugged design, broad size adjustment range

Cons: No volume limit feature

Buy a pair of Noot Products K11 Kids Headphones on Amazon for $10.99