The impact of noise pollution on kids can be huge. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop speech, language, and social skills.” That’s information worth considering the next time you ask a child to wear headphones when playing a game, watching a program, or listening to music because that gear is feeding the sound right into your child’s head.

Enter Puro Sound Labs. They created the PuroQuiet On-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Headphones for the purpose of preserving a child’s hearing while they listen.

At First Glance: Stylish and Sleek

PuroQuiet Headphones

The PuroQuiet Headphones come in a slim, hard case. Speaking as a parent, I can tell you that headphones in backpacks or luggage without a case are easily damaged or crushed. These headphones also fold flat inside the case, saving space. The aluminum “cans” are lightweight and easily adjustable with a sliding headband. Labeled with an “L” or “R,” users know how to wear them.

The big bonus to their looks? These headphone’s contemporary style doesn’t smack of juvenile safety headphones that might turn off an older child or pre-teen.

The Fewer the Controls, the Easier to Use

The headphones hold a charge for 22 hours of playback and 16 hours with ANC; they’re also rechargable. There’s just a single button to pair the headphones to a device, and the pairing process was simple and straightforward.

When it comes to listening to music or other audio tracks, PuroQuiet headphones provide dynamic sound without cranking the volume.

ANC (Active Noise Control) can be used even if the headphones are turned off. This is helpful for children who want to cut out ambient noise when reading or studying.

How Do They Sound?

PuroQuiet Headphones

On a recent family trip, my kids tested the headphones for noise canceling while people were talking, then with external music playing. We also tested the noise canceling near air conditioners and while driving in a car. In all cases, the headphones reduced the ambient noise to the point that the wearer barely noticed.

We then used the headphones to listen to music and watch a movie on a mobile device. The sound was clear at a lower volume than headphones without ANC. Even better, my son was able to hear a person talking to him while he was wearing the headphones. That’s because the volume limiter prevents the sound from blasting in his ear.

In short, kids can hear what they want, but can’t pretend to not hear you.

PuroQuiet Headphones: A Mom’s Overview

Raised by musicians, I have worn earplugs to concerts since I was a teen. When I wear headphones, I set the volume to a level that allows me to hear everything else in the room. It can be distracting if there’s a lot of noise around me and the volume might be so low I can’t hear what I’m trying to listen to.

As a parent, I am frustrated that my kids play audio too loud, but when we spent a weekend with the PuroQuiet headphones I was impressed with the marriage of thoughtful technology and stylish design. The price point is also more reasonable than several audiophile headphones on the market.