PURO is looking to improve the Bluetooth headphone market with its volume-limiting range of headphones.

We give the PuroPro Hybrid noise cancelling headphones a go to see if they match up with their premium price tag.

Puro headphones are designed to protect your ears


Puro headphones are designed to protect your earsCredit: PUROPRO

Puro headphones have been designed with the health of your ears in mind. 

The company originally began to produce headphones for children after the daughter of the company’s founder lost her hearing to noise-induced hearing loss.

The basic premise is that Puro make good-quality headphones where the decibels are limited to prevent damaging your ears with high-volume sound.

The California-based company now have moved onto making premium Bluetooth headphones for adults, so we’ve given them a go.

  • PuroPro Hybrid headphones, £199 at Amazon – buy here

PuroPro Hybrid headphones: First impressions

The PuroPro Hybrid headphones don’t come cheap so you’d expect a bit of presentation when they arrive.

And you get it, in the form of a nice wooden box that contains the headphones in a carrying case.

The headphones themselves look decent, if not spectacular, with their understated black design.

The headphones are comfortable when you put them on the first time and we found no issues with getting them paired to our various devices.

The controls are simple enough, and it’s easy to adjust the volume and select one of the three noise-cancelling settings, which lets you adjust how much outside noise you want to let in.

The fit is snug enough that they block out a fair bit of noise without the active noise cancelling (ANC) turned on, so you could live without it if you want to preserve battery life.

  • PuroPro headphones, £152.36 at Purosound – buy here
The PuroPro Hybrid headphones have an understated design


The PuroPro Hybrid headphones have an understated designCredit: PUROPRO

PuroPro Hybrid Headphones: Performance

We’ve tested out the PuroPro headphones for over a month and we’re impressed with the sound they produce. You get balanced levels that sound as good with bass-heavy tracks as they do with podcasts. 

The battery life is good as well. Puro claims these will last 32 hours without any ANC and 28 with ANC turned on, which tallies with what we found in testing; we only had to charge them once in a month.

The ANC works well, and combined with the snug fit, it’d take some pretty extreme background noise to cut through your noise cocoon when you’ve got it cranked up to the max.

Because of this, we don’t think we’d need any more volume than the 95 decibel limit you get with the PuroPros.

The mic for calls seemed to work well when we used it, and with their low-key design, these would be a good accessory for Zoom calls.

We found that after long listening sessions the fit became a little uncomfortable and we needed to take a break to relieve some of the pressure. This could be down to having a large head, but given the snug nature of the fit, we’d bet we’re not the only ones that find this issue.

It’s not a major problem, but you might find yourself aching for a break if you’re watching a long film with these on your head.

  • PuroPro Hybrid headphones, £199 at Amazon – buy here

PuroPro Hybrid headphones: Pros

  • Good noise cancelling.
  • Snug, comfortable fit.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Mic worked well on calls.
  • 28 hour battery life with ANC.

PuroPro Hybrid headphones: Cons

  • Became uncomfortable after long listens.
  • No accompanying app to control your sound preferences like you get with Sony, Bowers and Wilkins.
The PuroPro headphones fold away into a small case


The PuroPro headphones fold away into a small caseCredit: PUROPRO

PuroPro Hybrid headphones: The verdict

Ultimately, the PuroPro active noise cancelling headphones are a rock solid piece of kit. 

They look good without being flashy, the connectivity, sound and noise cancelling all work well. And, aside from a bit of tightness on long listens, they’re comfortable too.

As an added bonus, with these, you’re adding a layer of protection to the ears of the user which could put some parent’s minds at ease if you’re buying them for the kids.

There’s no one feature that gets us particularly excited about these headphones, such as the design you get with Bowers and Wilkins or the superior tech you get with the likes of Sony and Seinheisser. 

But we certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if we got them as a gift.

At the time of writing we’ve seen these headphones available around the £150 mark which is right at the upper end of what we’d be willing to spend on them.

They’d be excellent value around the £100-£120 mark, so keep your eyes peeled around Black Friday for a price drop on these.

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