Beats headphones hit the shelves in 2008, audiophiles around the world rushed to purchase them, but many were left unenthused. 

The sometimes-overwhelming, bass-boosted headphones were too over-priced for anyone in the music industry to take an interest, but Andre Young (Dr. Dre) knew that audiophiles weren’t his target market. Young wanted to attract young, avid music listeners by creating a user-friendly set of headphones that came with a side of sex appeal. 

Sex appeal, headphones and a hefty price tag, so who cares? Ever since Beats came out in 2008, they’ve been the go-to ear cans for anyone who is #trending. If you don’t like them now, wait until you realize they make noise and block all communication with the outside world. Sure, you have a ridiculous contraption stuck on your head, but so does everyone else, so it’s fine, trendy even.

You’d think the people wearing these headphones around would get tired of all the compliments and Instagram likes. They don’t. You better believe these headphones are flying off the shelves on a daily basis, year-round. Thousands of students receiving “free” beats through an Apple laptop purchase in their back to school promotion. 

While there are a few people who still buy parts off Amazon to fix their headphones, most people elect to purchase a new pair every year or so when they break, because for some styles of beats, it’s not if they break, it’s when. Just check out the Amazon reviews for Beats Solo 2’s. 

Buying Beats can be a step in the right direction for some people as a first pair of good headphones, but for others, it can be a slippery slope into a social void. Where does the following stop? It may only be your first set of Beats today, but tomorrow you might find yourself shopping for cars that one of the Kardashians recommended on Twitter (with BeatsAudio built in). 

The average pair of Beats headphones sells for over $250, but that’s not stopping anyone from buying them; it’s not even slowing them down. The Beats headphone brand has become a symbol of quality to the average-headphone-purchasing consumer, and even if there are arguably better headphones for the same price, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

In addition to becoming a symbol of quality, Beats headphones have become a fashion piece among young adults across the globe. And if you’re not in the flourishing market of perfectly researched, absolute noise-canceling headphones, and you’re in need of new headphones, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to find yourself in Best Buy with a blue shirt employee recommending a Beats (although the in-store prices may make you wish you had shopped online first).

So, yeah, “the times, they are a changing,” and you could buy Sony or Bose brand headphones, but sometimes change comes with a side of awesome technology in a sexy package, and that’s where you have Beats. If you don’t have a significant other to buy you a pair for Christmas or your birthday, hit up your mom or dad or work an extra shift, because you’re going to want a pair of Beats in your life. 

Some people say nay to these headphones, but what do they know? Those arrogant audiophiles with their laptops, software and forward-thinking think they know so much about audio; what nerds. Let them dance the night away with their underpriced, quality-made Pioneer headphones, good riddance.