ISSAQUAH, Wash. — Parents and students in Washington captured video of a school bus full of kids sliding down a snowy road, KOMO-TV reports.

The school says it couldn’t cancel classes, but some parents think that was a bad decision.

Patrick Quinn has video of the dangerous slide. Some students also caught it from on board.

“We’re sliding wow,” said one student.

“I’m going to text my dad,” another said.

Isabelle Banville’s daughter was on that bus.

“It’s just not safe, right,” Banville said. “They got on the bus, but they’re not even out of the neighborhood. They’re not even half a mile from the house, right. And the bus is going sideways.”

The district said there were multiple reports of sliding buses, and yet they don’t regret their decision to open school as normal.

They said they made the call per protocol at 6 a.m. before the conditions worsened.

And in an email to parents said: “Once the buses are out on their routes and student drop offs begin, it is generally too late to communicate a change of start times or bus routes in an effective way.”

Banville said she isn’t buying it. She said failing to react to a change in the elements only puts their kids at risk.

“We have so many means of communication. There’s no reason why you can’t have real-time information about the conditions,” Banville reacted.

Edana Peacock has two girls in the district. Her daughter shot one of the videos.

“Why are they having school? Not on snow routes, either,” you could hear someone say.

Peacock said she usually trusts the bus drivers and the district, but this time was different.

“They made a call that wasn’t the safest for our kids,” Peacock stated.

There were also reports of other buses sliding during the commute to school Thursday morning.

The school district said nobody was hurt.