Captivating cellphone video from a Telemundo 51/NBC 6 photographer shows the suspects of a robbery and dozens of police officers engaging in a shootout at the end of an erratic chase Thursday in Miramar.

The incident began with a robbery at a jewelry store about 20 miles south in Coral Gables, where the two suspects exchanged gunfire with another man and injured an employee in the process.

The suspects then kidnapped a UPS worker and hijacked his truck, driving it up Interstate 75 and into busy surface streets in Pembroke Pines and Miramar during rush hour with officers close behind.

Photojournalist Roberto Morales was in a busy intersection near Miramar Parkway and Flamingo Road when he filmed the suspects speeding by in the UPS truck. With no time to set up his camera, he caught the footage on his cellphone instead.

The FBI later confirmed that the suspects engaged law enforcement, opening fire at officers. A police-involved shooting left four people dead — the two suspects, the UPS driver and a bystander in his car.

Along with the FBI, several agencies are working to investigate multiple crime scenes.


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