Security companies and their employees are counted on and trusted by its customers to take care of their safety.

That was all taken away after an employee of ADT, a Boca Raton-based security company, tapped into live video streams of in-home and outside cameras for years.

The lawsuits against ADT claim that a service technician added his email address to Dallas-Fort Worth customers’ ADT accounts online, allowing him to sign in, watch live video streams and record it.

The suit claims ADT actually paid those 220 customers to keep quiet in exchange for a monetary payment, just a fraction of the value of their claims.

“This is the insider threat we don’t want to think about,” national security expert Tim Miller said.

The retired Secret Service special agent says we need to change the way we think before hiring a company to install our security cameras.

“You really need to have someone independently looking at the security of your network,” Miller said.

According to this lawsuit, the ADT technician, who has since been fired, was able to spy on customers in the during their most private and intimate moments. He had the ability to download videos and images.

“External hackers will steal this personal data and post it on the internet,” Miller said.

One lawsuit claims he spied on a teenage girl and her family nearly 100 times for years.

Another explains how a woman said the technician used his access to spy on her, her husband and young son.

“What could’ve happened at 2 in the morning? They utilize the access to control systems like unlocking doors to come in,” Miller said.

A massive breach that went on for more than seven years, from 2013 to 2020, after a customer contacted the security company to report an unauthorized email address linked to their account.

“What about their financial data? What about other areas inside the network that could really cause you a lot of pain, so it’s a good wake up, people need to step up into owning their own security,” Miller said.

In the meantime, the company has since updated their app to prevent service technicians from using it to spy on customers.

ADT issued the following statement to CBS12 News:

“ADT reported to law enforcement in April that a former employee gained unauthorized access to the ADT accounts of 220 customers in the Dallas area. We took immediate action and put measures in place to prevent this from happening again. We deeply regret what happened to the 220 customers affected by this incident and have contacted them to help resolve their concerns. We are supporting law enforcement’s investigation of the former employee and are committed to helping bring justice to those impacted by his improper actions.”

Their message: Make sure you check the emails in your account.


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