The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) – which focuses on applied research in the field of audiovisual media – has invested in a brand new range of Powersoft Ottocanali 4k4 DSP+D amplifier platforms for its Ilmenau headquarters.

A total of 29 Ottocanali 4k4 DSP+D amplifiers were required to meet the institute’s grand aspirations, with 16 of those units being installed in the building’s 3D Presentation Room alone.

“This room is one of our biggest experimental rooms,” said René Rodigast, business manager in the acoustics department at Fraunhofer IDMT. “The goal when we created it was to have an efficient and flexible setup. The room is equipped with 117 loudspeakers and is able to accommodate a small number of subwoofers as well. All of the speakers can switch to different setups. One of our standard configurations is a stage setup of below-stage subs and some front fill, and a system enclosing the ‘audience’. Thanks to the certified acoustics, we can simulate other systems as well, such as stage, cinema, planetarium, and even home setups.”