The West Liberty Village council met in person on Tuesday evening.

Corrections were made to the minutes from the previous meeting. The saving found by not having mosquito spray in the parks was $2,400. The part-time position for the street committee would save the village $13,048. After the corrections were made the minutes were approved.

Council approved the payment of bills.

From the street committee report, the dump truck that was up for bid was sold for $10,500, but the leaf box was not desired by the buyer. A new leaf box for the new dump truck is estimated to be $5,000 after the measurements are taken for its construction.

There is discussion about forming a joint recreation district between the village, West Liberty-Salem schools, and the township to be able to help raise funds and cover cost of maintaining the baseball fields, along other various athletic fields and spaces used. Due to the financial impact that CoVid-19 has had on the village, it became apparent that large operating costs, such as keeping the baseball fields lit up, could not always fall upon the village. The joint recreation district will be able to be self sufficient in maintaining these spaces while not depend on the economic status of the village alone.

In a vote of 4-2, council reached an agreement to have the fireworks show moved to Sunday, June 28th. The original date was set for Saturday, June 27th, but due to the overlapping baseball tournaments occurring within the parks during the same weekend, council raised concern about the amount of people that would be present. The tournament is set to be finished with the last game happening on June 28th at 5:00 pm. After the games there would be ample time to set up for the show. Anyone who wants to view the show is asked to stay in or near their car when they are in the park and observe social distancing during the event.

Chief Shane Oelker update council on the progress of the new station. Paining of the interior has begun on Tuesday afternoon and soon the ceiling and floor work will also reach their completion on schedule. The police department has been able to maintain its current staffing level without any cuts and reductions. Chief Oelker applied for a $38,000 grant, which if received will be used for personnel expenditures to continue maintaining the current staffing level.

From the recommendations of the safety committee, council approved the purchasing of the necessary equipment needed for the new police station.

Council granted $1,000 to the Ball Association for the rental of a hand washing and sanitation station to further help players maintain cleanliness and well-being.

Mayor Chance Carroll comments on the meeting.

For new business from the street committee, it was reported that the new tree ordinance is being reviewed for finalization and then later adoption if found satisfactory. Council was recommended to apply for the Regional Conservation Partnership Program. The RCPP creates funds for specific objectives for conservational practices. As the village hopes to prevent future flooding from occurring through watershed programs, the partnership program would help impact the costs for the projects that would perminantly prevent future flooding for generations to come.

Council has decided to wait before re-opening the Splash Pad to the public. Council will await further follow-up from Governor DeWine regarding playgrounds. If playgrounds are able to open without restrictions, then the Splash Pad will fall under the same category and may re-open without restrictions. If no further instructions are given, a limit will need to be set on how many people may use the pad at a time before it may open.

The village council plans to meet again on June 8th at 5:30 pm in person.


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