Earlier this year, the City Club of Cleveland, Ohio, released an audio that dates back to 1973, when the Watergate scandal occurred. A young Joe Biden can be heard saying that Democrats were more “immoral” than Republicans.

In the audio Biden says: “Let me say for the record clearly, clearly Democrats are as immoral as Republicans, if not more immoral in some of the big cities, a great deal more immoral in the traditional sense.”

The audio has statements made by Biden after the then President Richard Nixon’s tapes were publicly revealed.

The material confiscated by government investigators revealed that Nixon was aware of the intrusions that occurred within the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Hotel.

According to the Washington Examiner, on the audio Biden urged Democrats not to take advantage of the Watergate scandal as a campaign theme in addition to putting on a 20-minute tirade for attendees of a fundraiser in New Jersey about the virtues of the Republican Party.

“For those of you who are active Democrats in the audience, who are too shortsighted to realize that the demise of the Republican Party means your own demise, that the demise of politicians and political parties means the demise of the system, then one of us is very stupid, either you or me, and I don’t think it’s me,” Biden said.

In his speech, the senator worried about defending the Republican Party, criticizing the Democrats who used the scandal as a political campaign, “Politicians happen to affect everything that affects you, as you are very well aware, and if we bring down a great political party that should not be blamed for what happened, we begin to bring down a system.”

“And if we bring down the system, unless you got something better to replace it with, we’re in trouble. And I for one don’t have anything better to replace it with,” Biden added.

In another segment of the speech, the senator talks about an impeachment against President Nixon, passionately advocating for the Republican president, in order to convince the public that he was innocent until proven guilty.

“That is if Mr. Nixon is involved, which I pray to God he’s not because it will be terrible for the country if he is—as much as I’m not fond of him, I think we’ve got to say he is innocent until he is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be guilty.”

Similarly, Biden mentioned the Bill of Rights to reinforce his rhetoric: “We cannot commit the same sins that some of his followers have committed in the past of forgetting that we have a thing called the Bill of Rights.”


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