Hi I’m having this weird thing where when I watch videos on my PC, sometimes the audio seems to skip ahead of the video. Like I would hear words before I see them spoken. And the longer I continue to watch, the greater the difference in audio and video becomes. Problem started occurring around the beginning of this month. May have something to do with me updating Windows and Nvidia drivers on the same day because that seems to be when the problem started.


I’m running Windows 10, 64.

10.0.19042 Build 19042, but I updated to 20H2 and the problem persists.


MSI 1070ti Duke

MSI 970 mobo

16GB ram


2 monitors: 1 1440p at 165, 1 1080p at 60

Everything is stock. No overclocks.

Running Nvidia driver 460.89. Rolled back to 460.79 but problem still persisted then too, so I left it updated for now.

I’ve reseated the ram and gpu, but no change.

When I restart, it goes away, but it comes back later on. Switching to another sound device like the built in monitor speakers fixes it at first, but the audio/video lag comes back too. Plugging headphones in has the same outcome: fixed at first, but problem comes back.

I rolled back my drivers but it still happens, so I updated them and no change.

It happens in browsers and local video alike, whether I’m playing videos on youtube in chrome or watching videos from my drive in vlc.

I have reinstalled Realtek HD audio but nothing changes.


Latencymon says system appears to be having trouble handling real-time audio and other tasks. you are likely to experience buffer underrruns appearing as drop outs, clicks or pops. one problem may be related to power management, disable cpu throttling settings in control panel and bios setup. check for bios updates.

Resource monitor and task manager don’t seem to show anything using a strange amount of resources.

My cpu and gpu and drive temps don’t seem to be the reason why it occurs either since it happens even if I take off all the panels on my case.

When I do sfc /scannow it says there are no integrity violations




I recorded that in Streamlabs to show an example of what it’s like.



Also, this may or may not be related, but sometimes, I think frames are being dropped. When I’m in a game, sometimes the framerate takes a drastic hit. Like an example would be League of Legends. FPS would stay above around 150, but randomly it would drop to around 20 for no reason. I had resource monitor and task manager open on my second monitor and CPU, memory, disk, network, and GPU would show everything working as usual.

When I have practically nothing open, sometimes my mouse feels like it’s dragging too. On my 165hz monitor, I can move my mouse around and see it speed around, but at times, it’s like it’s being dragged through mud.


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