The Hamlin & Kersey scratch and dent appliance area is ordinarily a place where one would expect to see scratched and dented appliances, but Thursday evening “scratch and dent” took on a whole new meaning when a vehicle drove through that area of the Corbin store, damaging the building, appliances and knocking out a concrete pillar.

“As rough as this looks and as difficult as it will be to replace – we are counting our blessings. Things are replaceable. Not only are our family members and staff safe, but the driver and passenger, though injured, are alive. God is good and we owe everything to Him today,” store owners wrote in a Facebook post.

According to the Corbin Police Department, two people were taken to the hospital after the crash with non-life threatening injuries.

Several appliances were damaged in the crash.

The store reopened to the public Friday, but owners were unable to sell any of the damaged appliances because of insurance reasons, but a new selection of scratch and dent refrigerators were slated to arrive Friday morning.

“Thank you to the Corbin Police Department and Corbin Fire Department for responding so quickly and efficiently and making the structure safe for our staff and customers,” store owners said in their Facebook post.


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