Signature Kitchen Suite, a luxury brand that is part of the global home appliances portfolio of LG Electronics, is demonstrating smart kitchen advances with partners WineRing and Innit at CE Week 2019 in New York City’s Javits Center this week.


Led by new wine column refrigerators and pro-style ranges, Signature Kitchen Suite’s Wi-Fi-enabled appliances are a centerpiece of CE Week’s Connected Design Home Pavilion, according to Toni Sabatino, president of the Manhattan Chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, who collaborated on the pavilion. “At this highly anticipated destination for people looking for the latest in smart home technology, attendees will see how leading brands like Signature Kitchen Suite and their partners are catering to a new breed of luxury consumers known as ‘Technicureans,’” she said.

One of the smart kitchen innovations featured at CE Week is Signature Kitchen Suite’s True Sommelier app, which helps wine collectors manage their personal collections on the brand’s new integrated 18- and 24-inch wine column refrigerators. Powered by Wine Ring’s patented machine learning, this is the first smart software that learns preferences and makes wine recommendations, including food pairings, for individuals and groups based on the wines stored in the user’s cellar.

To develop the True Sommelier app, Signature Kitchen Suite partnered with Wine Ring AI-driven personalization software. Its patented “Preference Intelligence Engine,” powered by technology company RingIT, develops a user preference profile to drive recommendations in the wine industry, according to Wine Ring co-founder and CEO Pam Dillon. She said Wine Ring and RingIT also are working with Signature Kitchen Suite to incorporate LG SmartThinQ cloud-based functionalities into the True Sommelier app including when-to-drink vintage indicators and remote adjustment of wine refrigera-tor temperature.

Also unique to the wine refrigerators is Signature Kitchen Suite’s Wine Cave technology, designed for wine preservation and said to be inspired by the old-world caves of wineries located near the company’s new Experience & Design Center in Napa, Calif. The Wine Cave design reduces vibration – a primary impediment to wine preservation, which causes chemical imbalances affecting the quality, flavors, aromas and texture – as well as minimizes temperature fluctuations, limits light exposure and locks in humidity.

Signature Kitchen Suite ranges are the first to feature built-in sous vide cooking capability, as well as induction and gas directly on the cooktop. These appliances offer precision cooking for today’s Technicurean home chef that demands innovation, performance and versatility, allowing them to prepare food in the best way possible regardless of their preferred cooking methods.

Signature Kitchen Suite is working with Innit to integrate software on pro ranges and ovens so they will work seamlessly with Innit Premium Recipes, featuring AdaptiCOOK technology that automatically controls oven temperature cycles and cooking modes for each meal throughout the cooking process.

Innit’s platform enables consumers to customize meals based on their dietary and taste preferences, with simple video instructions for every step of the meal. Multiple dishes can be orchestrated to minimize overall prep time, ensuring that everything is ready at the same time. Innit AdaptiCOOK enables precision cooking using the unique features of each appliance, across multiple steps and temperatures, to achieve restaurant-quality results with a single click or voice command.

“Our teams are working closely to enable amazing cooking results, with customizable meals that fit the lifestyle and dietary preferences of today’s home chef, consistent with Signature Kitchen Suite’s True to Food philosophy,” Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder of Innit, said.

The new smart wine refrigerator and pro range featured at CE Week are at the heart of the Signature Kitchen Suite’s luxury appliance portfolio, which also includes integrated column refrigerators and freezers, pro-style ranges, cooktops, wall ovens and dishwashers. Signature Kitchen Suite is the fresh new luxury brand from global home appliance leader LG Electronics.

LG has an array of platform partners; in addition to Innit, LG-brand Wi-Fi-enabled smart ovens are integrating the capabilities of SideChef, Drop and Tovala. Users can select personalized meals from tens of thousands of recipes available via the apps and have precise cooking instructions sent automatically to their compatible LG range or oven. LG’s smart home appliance portfolio features full kitchen suites, laundry appliances, air purifiers, air conditioners, vacuums and more. Users can control key features via the LG SmartThinQ mobile app or with voice commands using Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant on select models.