‘Boring is brilliant’: It’s a phrase unlikely to trigger excitement in the hearts of many marketing leaders.

But it’s this commitment to consistency and simplicity Stockspot’s CMO, Melanie Novacan, sees as core to the fintech’s customer advocacy-led marketing approach. And it’s one she’s hoping will transform attitudes Australian consumers have towards their future financial selves.

The former director of marketing for on-demand content service, Stan, and most recently, go-to-market adviser for Aussie HR software startup, Deputy, became director of marketing at Stockspot six months ago. It’s a role taking advantage Novacan’s experience as a marketer as well as in financial services, including stints with ING Direct and Commonwealth Bank’s CommSec division.

Stockspot itself is a five-year-old homegrown fintech focused on ‘robo-advisory’ services, or automated investment advisory services to individuals.The company is among a number of next-generation banking and investment players emerging out of digital and mobile disruption.

Technology isn’t the only thing shaking up financial services, of course. Just last week, Australia’s larger, traditional banking, insurance and superannuation giants copped an almighty serve through the Federal Government’s Royal Commission, a long overdue investigation into severe wrongdoing throughout the sector.

In addition, the impending launch this year of Australia’s Open Banking Regime, which sees consumers given greater control of their transactional data, opens up further opportunity for new financial services to flourish.

Novacan, for one, sees the Royal Commission as a positive for Stockspot. “The opportunity is there for a brand that has the best interests of Australians at heart, and pivots its entire business model, products and decision making on that,” she tells CMO.

“The whole ethos of Stockspot is ‘boring is brilliant’. We take things and automate them. It’s not a sexy proposition, but increasingly, consumers and Australians are taking notice of what’s going on with their finances and we’re there to help.  

“In the current economic environment with property prices, market fluctuations and so much uncertainty, knowing there is someone offering certainly is a big deal. Our brand prides itself on consumer advocacy, being their champion, and building a product that has their best interests at heart.”

It’s for these reasons Novacan says Stockspot’s marketing approach must be completely reliant on customer advocacy.

“The growth for most finance brands moving forward is going to come from organic growth, such as word-of-mouth, referrals and reputation,” she says. “That loyalty, trust and advocacy is going to be the number one thing setting a brand apart in the finance category moving forward. We see that at Stockspot.”