The decentralized identity startup Civic has released a new vending machine that sells beer for virtual currencies. The company showcased the vending machine a few months ago and it now aims at selling them around the world. Each of them has a price of $15,000 and they are available for pre-order.

Vending Machines Selling Beer for Bitcoin

The Civic BD10 Vending Machine enables users to dispense age or identity-gated products. The payment solution is already available with the machine. Each of the machines will come turn-key, plug-and-play and ready to stock with a product. Each machine has a capacity of 150-500 items depending on the size they have.

During a conversation with CoinDesk, Titus Capilnean from Civic said that the machines sold 150 beers per day making $7,600 in sales. The tokens from the sales were airdropped to SXSW attendees by the company.

According to Capilnean, iPhone users with the Civic Pay app downloaded and with a verified identity received enough CVC to buy a beer. Each of the beers had a price of 200 CVC each.

The transactions made through the application are all settled in virtual currencies, and the idea is to interact with them in a very easy way.

Although Capilnean did not provide information about potential partners, he said that the firm is talking with different firms to work with Civic’s products in places that need an improved alcohol distribution. Sporting events and bars could be places that could use these vending machines to verify the age of the individuals purchasing the drinks. Moreover, music festivals could provide an immediate opportunity for the firm.

Civic is currently the 137th largest digital currency exchange with a market capitalization of $26 million. Each CVC coin can be purchased for $0.0759.

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