USA based leading cryptocurrency exchange PayBito to list ten new Altcoins into their platform by the first quarter of 2020 with their focus on emerging crypto.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — USA based cryptocurrency exchange PayBito will be adding 10 new Altcoins from different geographies to their exchange platform. The company will complete this new phase of coin listing by the first quarter of 2020. Owing to their position and repute as one of the top crypto exchanges in the USA, PayBito has decided to endorse emerging Altcoins via its platform.

Talking with the media, Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of PayBito mentioned, “We have world’s leading cryptocurrencies listed under the PayBito platform, but this time around we want to initiate emerging altcoins, ones that have shown fair credibility and potential for growth. Besides, easy access to these new altcoins will also expand the trading options for our customers. I feel that such a collaborative approach will show positive results towards the overall progression of the crypto industry.”

How Does PayBito Listing Benefit the Emerging Altcoins?

Owing to the consistent trade volume surge, PayBito has earned Global repute, taking lead position among US-based cryptocurrency exchanges. Over the last few months, the platform has surpassed Kraken, LAToken and other well-known exchanges.

Being listed under PayBito, the new altcoins will get access to their state of the art infrastructure.

The exchange has the following advanced security protocols as well for enhanced safety:

  • The Preventions cybersecurity infrastructure consists of Firewalls, Virtual Private Network, Unified Threat Management, Network access control, and Identity services.
  • The Detection cybersecurity infrastructure consists of Intrusion prevention systems, Secure Web Gateways, Email security, and Network package brokerage.
  • The Remedial cybersecurity infrastructure consists of Advanced Malware protection, Network behavior analytics and malware sandboxing.

PayBito has a 4 layered architecture, which is Web, Application, Blockchain database, and primary database, which is way ahead of the conventional cyber resilience solutions that even the major organizations use today. Moreover, the cybersecurity system prevents intrusions, ensures higher availability, and maintains faster uptime with zero data loss in the unlikely scenario of a cyber-attack.

Getting listed under PayBito gives emerging altcoins brand support and a secured platform to attract new traders.

The present trading volume of PayBito stands at USD 1,610,396,307 which equals to 165,700 BTC.

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