With the next generation first approaching my interest is, always, on the games more than the hardware. Given the uncertain increase in graphical abilities I’m not really sure what to expect from the new consoles but what I am hoping for is new IP, i.e. things that aren’t sequels or licensed games. We have had so few of these this gen that I think it has been the biggest failing by far.

I can only hope publishers think the same way but it has got me wondering what is the best new IP of this gen, after all it’s not like there’s been many. Bloodborne is the first to come to mind, even though it’s a SoulsBorne game and so not completely distinct from Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls from the previous gen.

ARMS was pretty good on Switch but a bit underdeveloped and there’s been no sign of a new one so far. Splatoon sort of counts, because it started on the Wii U, but there’s still debate as to which generation that is, but I’ll say it’s a pass and so the best new game Nintendo has had in a long while.

Overwatch, Rocket League, and the often forgotten Nioh have also been really good. Sony has also been excellent in general in terms of promoting new IP and while it’s not the best they’ve put out I think Horizon Zero Dawn has the most potential. Loved the setting, the art style, and while it was a little shallow there’s plenty of scope to improve it. So I think it’s between that, Overwatch, and Splatoon. Three great games but it’s not exactly a crowded category!


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