What Is Bolton Coin?

BOLTON Coin (BFCL) is a digital coin that offers a new, amazing, and unique approach to cryptocurrency investing. The platform generates aggregate profits from tangible luxurious markets such as gold and diamonds mining, integrated by eco-sustainable energy and advanced form of BTC crypto mining. The platform believes that low fees for mining lead to stable income even in the face of market difficulties.

Bolton Coin Attributes

  • Staking rewards: each day users get their share of staking rewards
  • Stable profit system: Bolton’s unique tokenization of businesses is a gateway to reliable profits
  • Ultra low-cost electricity: The platform benefits from the lowest possible electricity rates
  • Smart real estate: The platform has chosen the best locations with minimal expenses and supply reliability for each division
  • Industry experts: Bolton is managed by industry leading experts
  • Cushion Bitcoin volatility: Even is BTC drops, the investment in Bolton can still generate a return

Bolton Coin Platform Objective

Bolton seeks to distribute profits on a daily basis to ensure that their investors are fully aware and fully involved in the money making process. This will help the investors to always have something to fall back on, in case of unforeseen eventualities. The platform will also buy back the profits up to the time the token is listed on the crypto exchanges. The platform will further elevate the value of BOLTON tokens through the following growth opportunities.

  • Profit of the group
  • Forward selling
  • Secondary markets
  • Mined coin portfolio
  • The growth of the cryptocurrency market cap

These factors combined will help to ensure that the value of these tokens do not fall out of the initial buying price, but continue to increase as the projects will be used to ensure that the value of these tokens gets effective backup.

Market Situation

Investors in the crypto market face many challenges today. Long-term holders see their profits vaporizing. Trading comes with high risks; it requires a strong skill set and experience. Besides, mining and cloud mining comes with rough time, with no safe alternative to long-term holding and investing. To compound the issue, Bitcoin mining companies such as Hashflare and Gigawatt are shutting down because of insolvency.

Therefore, for long-term investors, traders, or miners, the current market situation makes it very hard to secure profits in the cryptocurrency industry. As such, a new approach is necessary and that is where Bolton coin comes into play.

Which Cryptocurrencies Will It Mine?

When it comes to risk profile, the platform seeks to spread exposure as follows:

Obviously, it will mine Bitcoin, the world’s most popular and potentially profitable cryptocurrency, with the highest market capitalization. Bolton will also find other altcoins to mine for higher potential risk/reward profile. Despite the risks involved, some altcoins have the potential to increase in value, yielding profits to hundreds of percentages.

Their experts will provide intelligence and analysis on which cryptocurrencies are more profitable to mine at any given time. They work on a sophisticated crypto model known as profit mining, which depends on complexity to mine instead of block time, hash rate, or potential price. The platform also seeks to mine new coins such as its own commodity hybrids.

Bolton Coin BFCL Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: BFCL
  • Token Sale Date: Present – April 15, 2019
  • Token Price: 1 ETH
  • Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 1.663.000.000 BFCL