Ethereum is particular about creating a community of Happy Developers. retweeted: 

hey, Ethereum! Meet  : ) A beginner-friendly Solidity IDE that lets any visitor to Ethereum .org get started building within minutes.”

Solidity and Vyper are the most popular languages which are used to write smart contracts on Ethereum.

Analytics is used in Ethereum Studio to get a clear understanding of the purposes for which the application is used.  There is no tracking about private information like personal keys, private keys, or addresses.

The Chain Network Preferences allow the setting of preferences by setting the Gas Limit and Gas price.

The Ethereum Name Service facilitates a naming system unique to the Ethereum Blockchain with “.Eth” extension.  This name service is open, extensible, and distributed, thereby doing away with the need to type long addresses.  Registering the .eth name is a simple 3-step process the instructions for which are available in the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) Page.

With the ENS, the money can be sent to the yourname.eth instead of to the hex address “0x9d8…”

The price of the ETH has been recovering well above $188 versus the USD, and it is up by more than 3%.  A decent upward correction was seen in the $180 support area.  Recently a high was formed at $192, and the price was correcting lower.  The price is well supported at the $188 and $186 area. A major support level is seen at $186, and Major Resistance Level is seen at $192.

IDEX has been talking about having created an “infinite scaling solution” for the Ethereum Network.

Alex Wearn, the IDEX CEO, stated that the point of sale payment systems might use O2Rs in a scalable payment service, which is non-custodial, thereby matching the throughput of VISA. Scalability is a significant issue in blockchain adoption for small-cap crypto-like TCAT tokens through ETH.

Binance has added margin trading for XRP/ETH trading pair. Previously margin trading support was added for QTUM (QTUM), IOST (IOST), and VeChain (VET).

Those US investors who are not able to trade on the central Binance Platform can now join the Binance.US.  Those signing up will be earning $15 for those who are trading will earn $100 and $15 for every referred user.

Recently, the banking giant standard chartered joined Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Among 100 other members, JPMorgan, ING, Citi, and Spanish banking group BBVA are already members facilitating research for blockchain research and application in the banking sector.


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