Founding chair of the BBFTA Barry James

The British Blockchain and Frontier Technologies Association (BBFTA) was launched at London Blockchain Week today with the aim of getting a range of blockchain stakeholders to network with each other.
Founding chair of the BBFTA Barry James used his speech at the event to describe blockchain technology as set to remake not just money and the financial system, but the entire internet and so the world.
“It’s doing this by providing the trustworthy backbone on which other established and frontier technologies can build,” he said. “This is happening very rapidly across a wide range of industries which is why we need a new model association – open to the world and with a new online network at its core.”
He described it as a network that can help bring parties together and disseminate use cases and best practice as well as catalyze new initiatives.
BBFTA founder member and Unblocked Events CEO Helen Disney called for more blockchain projects to be established in the real-world.
“Membership has grown rapidly pre-launch and feedback and research has enabled us to build a unique platform that enables members to network, collaborate on mutually beneficial projects and to build new ventures,” said Sharon Henley, founder and marketing director with the BBFTA. “Our research revealed overwhelming interest from members to network together to integrate and leverage blockchain across the wider range of frontier technologies and solutions. These include virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, drones, IoT, machine intelligence, autonomous vehicles – and of course fintech.”