An altcoin called MEME token, which was developed purely for joke, made many people smile after the airdrop.

Jordan Lyall, one of the ConsenSys executives, developed a special project to mock the so-called DeFi madness and DeFi projects that played a role in this madness: MEME tokens. Lyall also developed a special tool called Degenerator while developing this project. The MEME token took flight after that.

Altcoin Prepared, Airdrop Organized

The tool called Degenerator developed by Lyall attracted great attention to social media. As a result of this interest, a new token named MEME was created on the Uniswap exchange. 28 thousand copies of this token prepared with the ERC-20 standard were produced.

After the token was prepared, it was time to organize a special airdrop for it. MEME token; It started to be distributed via airdrop minutes after coming to life. With this airdrop organized via Telegram, 250 MEME was distributed to everyone. It was also quite easy to get these tokens. All users had to do was open the link posted on Telegram and fill out a simple Google form.

Takes Flight with Poloniex Announcement

When the MEME token was first distributed, it cost about $ 20. However, the price of the token rose as it rose in the following weeks. After the giant cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced that it will add the MEME token to the stock exchange, the price almost took off.


MEME users could use exchanges such as Uniswap, Balancer, 1inch, Hoo, Mooniswap to trade with this token. With the addition of Poloniex among them, the popularity of MEME started to increase. This token, which was developed for joke, reached a price of 1,900 dollars thanks to all these developments. Thanks to this, MEME earned more than half a million dollars for the beneficiaries of the airdrop.

There were also early sellers

The MEME token is currently trading at almost $ 2,000; It doesn’t mean that everyone who gets hundreds of MEME during the airdrop earns hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because many investors decided to sell the tokens they bought from the airdrop without waiting for such a long time.

Anthony Sassano, co-founder of EthHub, was just one of those who made early sales. Sassano, who shared a post on his Twitter account, announced that he “sold on the first day” the tokens he bought from the airdrop.


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