• There will be no need for additional network upgrade
  • Activation will take three stages
  • The activation could help improve TRX’s price

The forthcoming activation of TRON’s Sun network protocol will not require any upgrading of the MainNet Blockchain network. It will not affect decentralized applications (dApps) if they don’t pass the protocol.

TRON Foundation Chief Executive officer Justin Sun has explained in a Tweet that the decentralized applications will only be affected if they switch to dApp Chain. He stated:

Three Stages

The TRON blockchain founder has said that some improvements the Sun Network will introduce the addition of a cross-platform infrastructure and decentralized side-chain applications. According to Sun, the improvements will significantly increase the bandwidth of the TRON Network which includes the number of transactions per second and the effectiveness of intelligent contracts.  

As per the plan, the Sun Network activation will take place in three stages.

The first will be a test version of the protocol that begins on May 30, 2019, followed by the basic version that will be activated on August 30. After that, TRON will optimize the protocol beginning from September 15 which will simplify the interaction with pre-integrated modules.  According to a recent study, the TRON project has the fastest growing consumer base of decentralized applications, but the Ethereum platform, while losing users, is still the main choice for developers.

Maximizing the Main Blockchain

Justin Sun announced a few days ago that TRON Blockchain Company would update its Sun Network protocol besides launching the USDT Stablecoin on the network.

According to Sun, the team will implement a mechanism for maximizing the main blockchain in order to ensure the safety of users’ funds and keeping community support for the creation of a side-chain ecosystem.  The company’s CEO announced then that it would launch the USDT Stablecoin based on TRON on April 9, 2019, noting that cooperating with tether would be the basis for empowering developers of decentralized apps on the TRON Blockchain.

TRON (TRX) hasn’t showed any bullish signs similar to other altcoins. The altcoin seems to be stuck in its current price and hasn’t gained so much value since the beginning of 2019 when it has only gone sideways. Whether TRX will move upwards soon isn’t clear yet but it should be expected that perhaps the upcoming upgrade could help investors start reaping from their TRX investment.