• Blocks.tech, BlockData, and Bitwires are China’s top blockchain media firms
  • Ontology has inked several partnership deals of late

Ontology (ONT), a high-performance blockchain project and distributed trust collaboration platform, has attracted three new node partners, including Blocks.tech, a startup that claims to be passionate about accelerating blockchain adoption, BlockData, a platform that claims to help users discover, track and understand DLT projects, and Bitwires, according to a Medium announcement on April 19.

According to a blog post by the Ontology team, three leading China-based blockchain projects, including Blocks.tech, BlockData, and Bitwires, have joined the Ontology network as new nodes, a strong indication that the platform is fulfilling its promise of providing a robust blockchain for building highly scalable solutions.

Blocks.tech, one of the new node partners of Ontology, is a financial technology (fintech) startup providing users with highly accurate information related to blockchain technology.

Block.tech reportedly runs several platforms, including Winkrypto, an integrated crypto-focused marketing agency, Block123 a startup that’s building an open data library and a curated directory of new blockchain products, ChainNews, and More.

Block.tech says its primary aim is to cooperate with like minds from around the world to become a world-leading blockchain data and information provider.

BlockData focuses on blockchain research and rendering professional services to clients. It’s also a global blockchain data and analysis service provider.

The firm says it has established cooperative relations with a vast array of leading institutions in the tech industry, including People’s Venture Capital, Institute of Internet Industry – Tsinghua University, CCID Blockchain Research Institute, CAPC Blockchain Technology and Application Commission and has collaborated with some of these organizations to research on crucial topics.

Bitwires on the other hand is reportedly China’s largest blockchain-centric media platform in terms of user traffic. At current, more than 1,000 DLT projects as well as 700 media partners have signed up on the platform.

Interestingly, the team says the Bitwires app has reached two million downloads and its application programming interface (API) supports 50 high traffic applications, covering more than seven million users.

It’s worth noting that Ontology is fast gaining traction in the DLT ecosystem and beyond.

Earlier in February, Blockchain Reporter informed that Ontology had joined forces with Google to launch the ONT development platform on Google Cloud.

In March 2019,  Ontology partnered with GoWithMi, in a bid to use blockchain technology for land management.

At press time, Ontology (ONT) maintains the 19th position on CoinMarketCap, with a price of $1.32 and market cap of $656 million.


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