• IOTA is one of the 26 contestants of the Smart Buildings Challenge program
  • Other contestants include the likes of Dell, Wipro, and others
  • The contestants will get an opportunity to work with entities like Microsoft and Bosch

According to an October 8, 2019, article by Ledger Insights, IOTA (IOTA) is one of the contestants of the Smart Buildings Challenge program for distributed ledger technology (DLT) and Internet of Things (IoT) projects organized by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

IOTA Competing with the Heavyweights

The IOTA Foundation is one of the 26 contestants of the IIC’s Smart Buildings Challenge program which seeks to leverage blockchain and IoT technology to develop cutting-edge applications and platforms. The program is looking to bring together the brightest of tech partners, suppliers, and customers for the development of smart homes and offices, the report reads.

For the uninitiated, the IIC is a U.S.-based consortium that is looking to use emerging tech like blockchain and IoT to transform businesses. Reportedly, the IIC is running the challenge in association with the Trusted IoT Alliance. The challenge seeks contestants that can successfully identify problems in the tech sector, devise appropriate solutions, and implement them with a pilot project.

Some of the most recurring problems faced by investors and developers include space flow analytics, automation, smart metering, sustainability, and the dearth of sales and management tools. The IIC on October 7, 2019, confirmed the 26 contestants that will be participating in the 2019-20 edition of the challenge.

Some of the well-known contestants of the challenge include electronics titan Dell, the IOTA Foundation, Indian IT company Wipro, gridX, Slant, Cloud Studio, Hansheng, and YPTOKEY. These firms will get the opportunity to work with the challenge’s tech partners which include the likes of Microsoft and Bosch. Per the sources, a jury will finally choose winners and present them an opportunity to deliver a Proof of Concept in a shopping mall.

IOTA On A Roll

IOTA, a blockchain project that is spearheading the enterprise-grade IoT solutions space has recently forged various significant partnerships to increase its ground cover.

Blockchain Reporter informed its audience on October 4, 2019, how IOTA had partnered with Zuhlke to drive Machine-As-A-Service solutions.


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