• Cardano 1.5 release will work as a catalyst for the Shelley update
  • Cardano 1.5 release it the last update of the project’s Byron development phase
  • The release brings improvement in performance, space optimization, and more

Cardano community on March 7, 2019, released Cardano 1.5 on testnet with a slew of features and upgrades that would help the smart contracts platform transition smoothly to its highly anticipated Shelley update.

Cardano 1.5 Released

Cardano has for long been known as one of the best cryptocurrency projects with strong fundamentals.

Led by a team of influential and innovative tech visionaries including Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is, albeit slowly, achieving its milestones in a timely manner as defined in the project’s long-term roadmap. The release of Cardano 1.5 on the testnet adds another feather to the project’s impressive list of accomplishments.

What makes the release of Cardano 1.5 such a big deal is that it is the last Cardano release of the project’s Byron development phase. Notably, the project has been in the Byron phase since the launch of its mainnet.

Cardano 1.5: The Catalyst to Shelley Development Phase

The smart contracts platform’s Shelley update is something the entire Cardano community has been eagerly awaiting for quite a while. Although the project has had its fair share of minor bumps along the journey, due to factors, both internal and external, it is safe to say that the recent chain of events paints an optimistic picture of its future.

Change in Consensus Protocol

The Cardano 1.5 update brings an important change to the project’s consensus protocol. The latest update will experiment with a new consensus protocol called Ouroboros BFT.

This protocol is more like a bridge that would ensure a seamless transition of Cardano from the current Ouroboros Classic protocol to Ouroboros Genesis protocol; the latter being the proposed protocol for Cardano’s Shelley development phase.

The implementation of the Ouroboros Genesis protocol is a major win for Cardano as it’s the first ever proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol that also includes the security benefits of proof-of-work (PoW) protocols such as the Bitcoin network.

It’s also worthy of note that Ouroboros BFT will not be activated immediately following the deployment of the Cardano 1.5 release. The protocol will be activated through another update which will be announced separately. As soon as Ouroboros BFT is activated, the old protocol – Ouroboros Classic will cease to operate on the testnet.

As many of our readers might have guessed by now, yes, the update is virtually a hard fork; but unlike the terrible Bitcoin Cash hard fork, this one is a non-contentious one. This means that the update will be low on the drama Richter scale and high on the impact part.

Some of the other benefits associated with the Cardano 1.5 release are performance improvements, feature to detect insufficient disk storage space and the addition of a new screen that will visualize the block storage consolidation process. Readers who want to read more on the technical nitty-gritty of the update can read it here.